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What is "link game" for?

Every time you install a game on your devices, i have no idea who you are until you "link" it to your Games by Darryl account. Linking is totally optional. It's a nice way to allow your high scores to have your name instead of "anonymous", and in secret, you earn coins by playing.

What are these "coins?"

They're currently worthless. But in the future instead of having in app purchases, you will be able to redeem coins. Coins you have earned by playing my games.

What Devices Do You Support?

I try to make all my games work on iOS devices that support iOS version 10 and above.

For Android, I try to work with any device that works on Android version 5.0 and above.

Do I need to sign in?

No, you don't.

However, I utilize GameCenter and Google Play for added features, and signing in can make the game play more enjoyable.

Gamers like achievements and leader boards, so that is how I implement them.

Why is "How Long..." Android Exclusive?

It was just an excitement with some new technology that is only available on Android.

Will you make [insert game here] for me?

Maybe. If you've got a fun idea, talk to me.

Why aren't your games original?

Some are, some aren't. Often I find myself learning something which results in a game that may be considered unoriginal and not new. If I go through the process of making the game and it works, I might as well release it.

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