Single Player Arcade Earn Coins Works Offline


Can you be patient enough to connect enough orbs and clear all 30 levels?

You get one life.

Try and score the highest points by creating the longest connection between the orbs.

In this difficult, yet relaxing arcade game, orbs float around, tap your start point and cause a Connexxion!

Score the highest points by creating a long chain.


  • Works off-line
  • Leader boards
  • Achievements
  • Non Intrusive Ads
  • Fun Sounds
  • Easy to play


  • When playing focus on just passing levels 1-5. Beyond 5 is when the points really start to rack up.
  • Use your option to continue! It's worth it.

Can you score over one billion points?

Version: 1.2.1 (Android, iOS)

Reviews and Ratings

Patience is Key by Art S.

Wait for the right moment. After level 5 it gets easier.

So Fun! by Daniel S.

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