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Bloop the pegs, clear the board. This infinite game of bloop is so incredible, you can't put your phone down.

The year is 1842, you are a bit bored from feeding your goats. You are walking along a rough dirt road to your small cottage in the countryside when you stop to scrape manure off of your boots.

You notice a strange stone wall.

You examine the wall to find it has a small wooden peg with a number on it. You don't actually know what the number means, but there's a small wooden ball beside it. Your skilled intuition tells you what to do. You drop the ball hitting the peg. The peg vanishes into a puff of dust.

Another peg appears.

You repeat, over and over again. The pegs keep appearing. With larger numbers in time. More pegs. More power. They're swarming you. Finally the pegs reach the top and they all disappear. The game has ended, but you have won. A new high score. Your goats will be happy to hear this when you visit them tomorrow.

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